June 27, 2017

Fiery soulstealer

Here comes a set of photos with a very different mood compared to the previous Kitty photos :'D No cuteness at all, hahah. These are quite repetitive, just basic portraits, but I couldn't choose which ones I like the best... The camera seems to love this guy, he's so photogenic *o*

I tried different eyes on him, these are just a random cat iris pair from Taobao. I really like the look! ♥ Sarg kindly borrowed a cool coat and some necklaces for extra coolness XD

Story-wise, Ryx works as a soulstealer, his job being collecting souls from beautiful young maidens and delivering them to Lorrence, the Lord of Hell. Lorrence needs the souls for a magic ritual that keeps his wife Cressida looking eternally beautiful. So, even though Ryx seems like a friendly, care-free guy most of the time, he's not really someone you want to mess with >.< One of these days I should write profiles for my BJDs, but that's a big project that's going to take a lot of time...


Also, I know that I was kinda promising a post about the anime convention I was at, but I ended up not even taking the camera with me and just took a few snapshots of some cosplayers with my phone ^^; So no con post from me, unfortunately. But my friend Tiinyan made great posts about the convention (she has separate posts for Friday/Saturday and Sunday), so please check them out if you want to know what the event was like :3

"Can I take your soul?"